SSO Medical Waste Management provides sharps and bio-medical waste treatment and disposal services to hospitals and clinics. Located in Newport Beach, California, SSO ensures that all medical waste is collected, transported, treated and disposed of using the latest, environmentally sound methods available. While meeting all regulatory requirements, SSO promises to provide quality, friendly service to our clients.

medical cultures in a lab


We haul, treat and dispose of:

  • Sharps and Biomedical Waste
    • Needles and syringes, scalpel blades, razors, pipettes, slides, etc.
    • Dialysis tubing and filters
  • Empty pharmaceutical vials
  • Laboratory waste
    • Cultures, test tubes, etc.
  • Contaminated disposal material, equipment, and instruments Dialysis tubing and filters
    • Gowns, surgical gloves, swabs, gauze, blood administration sets, etc.
  • Trace-contaminated chemotherapy waste
    • Empty drug vials, syringes and needles, spill kits, IV tubing and bags contaminated gloves and gowns, and related materials as defined in Federal and State standards.
  • Non-controlled/non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste
    • Unused/expired pharmaceuticals